Air Force Corrosion Facility Guide

This Corrosion Control Facility Design Guide provides basic guidance and criteria for constructing Air Force corrosion control facilities.

Previous experience has shown that field-level aircraft maintenance personnel are frequently assigned key positions of responsibility to provide input into the design process for local corrosion control facilities. However, in many cases, these personnel do not have sufficient resources, training, or experience to adequately meet these responsibilities.

This Facility Design Guide is intended to help personnel in this situation better understand corrosion control facility requirements and design criteria so they can provide complete and accurate input into the design process.

It is equally important to construct a facility that not only meets the operational needs of the user, but also complies with the vast array of federal, state, and local, environmental, safety and occupational health requirements. Unfortunately, it is a difficult and often very confusing task to determine which laws, regulations and standards apply to each individual corrosion control facility. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that all applicable base agencies be involved in the facility design process as early as possible.


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